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2006-03-26 20:24:00

am i really not going to get ANY help?
jeez thanx

2006-03-26 03:40:04

thank you for that MathIsFun..
next thing you could help me with is making someone to help me with these problems big_smile

2006-03-25 08:23:43

(lkomarci: the files were about 700kb in size and image upload has a 100kb limit, I resized them to about 35k and included them in your post)

2006-03-24 22:55:20

i've edited my post now...i hope you can get to the images now.
i used images upload before that and they didn't appear

2006-03-24 22:48:51

Did you use images upload? Or linked to the image URL using [img][/img]?

2006-03-24 22:43:50

eermm..guys...i've attached 2 pictures seems they didn't appear in the post. how's so?

2006-03-24 22:42:42

first of all, i have to inform you that this is not any sort of homeworks. i'm a student and i have an exam at the end of next month. analysis isn't really my teritory, neither is math overall. :)

most of the stuff i put on this paper is...harder for me to solve. some of it are implicit derivative which should be easy but i just need your help to clarify some stuff.

i would really appreciate if you could take some time to help me out, at least with some of the exercises.

Image I

Image II

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