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2006-03-28 04:51:49

Does anyone know where I can get 6-8 mental maths papers?

2006-03-24 08:04:27

I have realised that the 4-6 paper is good and some of the questions fit the 6-8 paper. Thank you all for your help and wish me luck as I go into the test room tomorrow.

2006-03-24 06:19:14

I've gotten access to the Emaths file list and saw that they have deleted the file I wanted.

Can anyone get me paper 2, 2005, tier 6-8 (5-7 is ok)!!!

2006-03-24 05:42:40

Common people, my time is running out.

Sorry for being a nag but when this is all over we can kick back and have some fun.

2006-03-24 04:45:05

It does but I need 6-8

at least 5-7 but please if you can, get me 6-8. Anything that gives me an idea of the questions. Please the actual test would be best.

But do anything you can.

2006-03-24 03:33:44

I think the link I had given in Post # 13 works (HTML version). Try that!

2006-03-24 03:19:36

No no no!!!

I tried it. You can access the file in HTML version I need to know how I can do that.


2006-03-23 09:24:41

Oh, you are right. I didn't check the 2005 series, I just went straight to the index, and tried some random links.

On further research I have discovered that any invalid (ie nonexistent) page request, such as "" redirects you to that "page under construction" page.

So WackyZ is quite right, it is not a PDF reader problem, it is an actual "Not There" problem!

So we are stuck. sad

2006-03-23 08:40:45

Well, the 2005 ones forward to a different domain which says that they are under construction.

And that page has been under construction since December 2003.

2006-03-23 08:24:38

I can open them. Try the main menu at

2006-03-23 03:12:07

I have a PDF reader.

Its the site, the area will not open in a PDF reader.

Only HTML.

The site is my only hope and it is under construction!!!

2006-03-22 08:45:50

As Ricky said, if you download and install a "pdf reader", you will then be able to open that PDF.

2006-03-22 06:52:19

Please help me someone.

My deadline is Friday.

After that I will be out of your hair.

2006-03-22 06:52:04

Opening it in html normally completely messes up the format.  You are better off getting a pdf reader as pdf's are pretty much standard now a days.

I recommend FoxIt Reader.  But you can also use Adobe Reader.

Each are free.

2006-03-22 06:08:57

Here is the site with the file:

However I cannot open it as a PDF, it doesnt allow me. Can you some how open it as HTML?

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