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2006-03-22 07:37:43

thanks for all ur help, i've now learnt a lot on brakets and equations ...

John E. Franklin
2006-03-21 14:50:30

One more try...
Click here for video.

John E. Franklin
2006-03-21 14:26:54

Let's see, brackets.  I'll try something with brackets.
Click here for video.
That didn't work, I don't know why.
Try this one, click here.
Sorry, I don't know why my video won't work, it's gone.

2006-03-20 07:45:43

For further reading: Fractions and Percentages Index

2006-03-20 01:17:55

Hi sweetangel786,

a<b indicates a is less than b.
c>d indicates c is greater than 10.
For example, 25<100 and 18>7.
There are also symbols called less than or equal to.
x  ≤ 15 means x is either less than 15 or equal to 15, but not greater than 15.
Similarly, y≥10 means y is either greater than 10 or equal to 10, but not less than 10.
Percentage:- What percentage is 5 of 40?
The answer is 5/40 x 100% or 1/8 x 100%=12.5%.

In an examination,you score 360 out of a total of 500 marks.
What is your score in percentage?
It has to be calculated this way:- 360/500 x 100%
= 36/50 x 100% = 72%.

If 10% of the total purchase of 600 kilograms of materials are damaged, what is the quantity damaged?
10% of 600 kilograms = 10/100 x 600 kilograms = 60 kilograms.

If the price of the airfare from London to New York is $1500, and if the fare increases by 20%, what is the increased fare?
Original fare= $1500,Increase percentage= 20%
Therefore, Present fare = $1500 + 20/100($1500) = $1500 + $300 = $1800.
Brackets are operated upon thus:-

(1) 2[(5+7)-(2X3)]
First,the innermost brackets are to be opened.
2[(5+7)-(2x3)] = 2[12 - 6] = 2[6] = 12.

(2) 3[(8x2)-(3+5)-2(7-3)] = 3[16-8-2(4)] = 3[16-8-8] = 3[0]=0.

2006-03-20 00:40:23

hi there...,
i need help in maths , i don't like maths i find it a *little* bit hard for me to understand..
i have understood most of the answers i have recieved from my previous questions, i have my mock exams on tuesday and i want to do well in then and pass.
i need help on with:  greater then and less than symbols, percentages, how to work out fractiions, and to collect like terms and extend brackets and to simplify them..
i would appreciate if i could get as much help from people to help me with my
fnx... up

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