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2006-03-22 18:27:02

oh ya, i means i wanna find the point which 3 or 10 distance from point A which have the same M of line from A to B.. thanks..

2006-03-18 17:06:06

The distance formula is given by
Hence, the point (x,y) will be at distance 5 from A(-2,1) if the point is C(0,2). The point D will be at a distance 5 from B(1,5) if D is (0,3). There are many more such points.

2006-03-18 13:51:06

i faced some problem with coordinate points, how can i get the points (x,y) with the given distance. For example, point A(-2,1) point B(1,5). The distance is 5. so, how am i going to get the point which distance is lets say 3 or 10 from point A?? thanks...

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