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2005-04-18 22:55:54

Zach is right.  It takes practice.

Buy one of those posters with the multiplication table and put it on your wall.

And go to these multiplication worksheets, and print out lots to practice on.

You'll get there !

2005-04-18 21:55:01

The 1x table is easy.
The 2x table is fairly easy, just double the number.
It takes practice to remember them all!

2005-04-18 14:41:28

Hi, my name is Mekhala and I am in year 7. I just can't remember
my multiplication tables. Please help me.

2005-04-10 15:50:45

I am  ravalee.

I     want  to  learn    maths   in   an   easy    way.

can  you    help   me,please.


2005-03-30 07:33:21

Print out plenty of worksheets, and practice. The worksheets are here. You can also print the answer sheet for each worksheet.

Just resist the temptation to use your pen to help you solve them. Look at the question, do the maths in your head, write the answer. Then when you finish the sheet, compare with the answers and try to figure where you went wrong.

You WILL get better with practice.

By the way, every person develops their own way to do mental maths, because there are many different ways around each problem.

For example, 18 times 2 could be worked out as:

a) 10 times 2 plus 8 times 2 = 20+16 = 36
b) 20 times 2 minus 2 times 2 = 40-4 = 36
c) 9 times 2 times 2, or 9 times 4, and 9x4=36
d) some other way?

Miss snassy
2005-03-30 01:50:57

i freek nout when i do mental maths test what shall i do as i will be doing my sats soon

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