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2006-03-08 22:24:36

2x+10x-5=0, a=a, b=10, c=-5.
x = [-10√(100+40)]/4 =
(√140=11.832 approximately)x=0.458 and -5.458

(2) For -6x -x - 1/3=0, the equation can be rewritten as -18x -3x-1=0
or 18x +3x+1=0.
x = [-3√ (9-72)]/36. The roots are not real as we got square root of an imaginary number.
When the discriminant, i.e. b-4ac<0, the roots are imaginary.
In this case, the discriminant is equal to -63.

You can also go to this link for quadratic equation solver on this website.

2006-03-08 22:19:42

Wish them luck from me.

2006-03-08 22:19:11

that's ok I figured thiem out now any way! and yeah my kids will be getting up soon to get ready for school...hopefully i'll have check all of these buy then! Thanks again!~ H

2006-03-08 21:59:16

The smart people seem to be sleeping right now, if you have some time they will be here in a few hours and will solve all your problems smile
Well, many of your maths related ones at least

2006-03-08 21:24:59

2x^2 +10x -5 =0 and I get  -0.56 and 4.44 my son get the same???

and the other one -6x^2 - x -1/3= 0 and I get 1 or .5 my son has -.91 or .24??/
thanks for any helpdunno

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