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2006-02-24 23:17:32

Thats nice to hear, RauLiTo smile
Since a lot of kids visit the forum, posting your e-mail is generally not permitted. You can visit the forum often, post your messages, play games,make friends and try solving the puzzles.

2006-02-24 22:50:07

Moderator ganesh thank you very very much ... can you accept to add me in ur list ?
i hope its okay to put my e-mail in this forum (( i am sorry if that is not allowed )) smile thanks again man

2006-02-24 22:25:00

Hi RauLiTo,
we know 1000=10 ,
hence, log(1000) to the base 10 = 3.
Logarithms are calculated for the two bases, e and 10.
Logarithm to base e is called Natural logarithm and logarithm to base 10 is common logarithm. Go to this link for knowing more.
Logarithms help in calculating approximately quickly.
For example, by knowing what log 2(to the base 10) is, it can easily be said how large a number 2^100 would be!
If you have any specific doubts or problems, you may post here. up up up

2006-02-24 22:10:54

excuse me mr.ganesh can u explain that more ?
please understand it i am just a beginner in logs !

2006-02-24 21:40:57

If 2 = x, then log x (to the base2) is equal to 3.
However, log4^3<log 5^3,
Since 4^3 = 64 and 5^3 = 125   smile smile smile

2006-02-24 21:23:49

it seems easy but not for a beginner like me in logs !

can anyone prove that :
log4^3 > log5^3

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