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2006-02-21 08:44:51

Great answers!

I would like examples like that on the website to help students understand why they learn mathematics.

2006-02-21 07:46:53

But don't forget math can be used for more then weight loss.

John E. Franklin
2006-02-21 07:45:35

Math is good in the grocery store to compare prices, figure out weight watcher points.
To figure out weight watcher points without the little slide rule they give you, you figure how many
50's can you squeeze into the calories.  For example a 110 calorie cereal would be just over 2 points, at first.
but then you read the total fat, and for every 3 grams of fat, you add a 1/4 point more, so 12 grams of fat adds
another point to this.  Finally, you look up the dietary fiber, and for every gram of dietary fiber, you can SUBTRACT
(because it is good for you) about 1/5th (or a 1/4 if it is easier in your head) of a point.
See at weight watchers, based on your weight and other criteria, you are assigned to eat a certain number of points
each day inorder to lose weight at a reasonable pace.

2006-02-21 07:02:04

Depends on what you do, man. :-) And what your interests are. Now generally the only math everyone really need is enough to ballance your checkbook. But depending on what your interests are, it can be either a useless abstract discipline, or an extremly powerfull tool. Take me for example. I used what I learned in trig to invent my own 3d engine. I'm now at work at my first 3d game demo. Video games use all sorts of complex math, without it my game could not exist. Also I'm into diy video projectors. Built my own movie theatre projector. Just yesterday I was questioning the focal length of my spherical reflector, I used math to write a formula for the radius of the reflector and confirm the exact focal length and where to place the reflector. Lets see... me and my friend were splitting a polarizer sheet for our projectors, and I wrote a formula to calculate the dimensions of each piece for a given height or width (the size was limited thus the width was dependant on the height and vice versa) I've used math in.. baking tripple batches of cookies or making coffee (easy stuff) I helped my mom calculate how many calories she can have daily.  Uh... what the odds are for winning the lotterly. Lots of stuff, I can't remember all of it. Theres so much cool stuff I did with math! My life would be so boring without it!       

As for what role math takes in daily life, math is the language of truth. Whether you you're a calculus wizard, or a 1st grade arithmatic drop out, math remains true, whether you like it or not. This is why it can be so powerfull. Nature is bound by math. Studying math allows you to harness nature. The most powerfull physical force in the world.

And btw, without math we wouldn't have, computers, automobiles, cell phones, tv's video games, radio's, ipods, refridgerators, toasters, ovens, and many other things we take for granted.

2006-02-21 03:23:06

sir, i wuld like to know in details abt the role of mathematics in daily life . pls help me

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