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2006-02-11 14:07:54

thats ok I think that im nearly there x

2006-02-11 13:53:03

sorry bro can't help ya with that 1 dunno

2006-02-11 13:45:58

Hi hoping you could help,
I have a problem that goes like this if I have a a point (2, 3) and the ellipse x/16 + y/9 = 1. I want to find the tagent to the ellipse that passes through the point (2, 3).

Point (2, 3) is not on the ellipse and there will be two at which it touches the ellipse.

All I would like is the quadratic equation that need to be solved to find out the points on the ellipse at which the line touches. It would be nice if I could see the equation in the quadratic  form ax + bx + c = 0

Thanks in advance:)

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