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2006-02-05 14:43:46

mine dosen't eiather dunno

2006-02-04 19:50:03

Not all schools will require linear algebra for multivariable calculus.  Mine doesn't.  Multivariable is normally set in 1, 2, 3, or 4 dimensions, so you can normally get away with having non-matrix derivatives and integrals and using vectors.

2006-02-04 19:44:09

And one more thing: I have a textbook in which linear algebra lessons are before singlevariable calculus. There must be reason for this. I think LA is easier than CA.

2006-02-04 19:40:26

I don't know.
Hristo, where are you from?
I think the linear algebra is the matrixes and systems of multivaluable linear equations. I think there's something like "matrix caltulus", where the arguments and the values of the functions are vectors or matrixes, but I think that it will be usefull to learn some LA.

2006-02-04 13:32:43


i have a question about multivariable calculus. Is it required to know linear algebra in order to take a m. calculus course?

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