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2006-02-02 19:58:25

I wonder if mikka will come back then, since she is a guest.

Miło że nie zapominasz o rodakach...

Polish translator to the rescue: Nice that you do not forget about compatriots.

2006-02-02 19:27:19

yes, this is what i meant justlook......

i kow she is from poland but would like to know which part :-)

2006-02-02 19:02:02

I think he meant the guest 'mikka'. Post #5.

2006-02-02 18:34:18

kempos wrote:

mikka where are you from? :-)

you mean me? Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia.

2006-02-02 15:38:46

mikka where are you from? :-)

2006-02-02 10:44:48

Thanks for helping me the other day Kempos and Ricky. I'll make sure to check out the site. touched

2006-02-02 10:41:18

it's not the scam guys. you are transferred to the website with links to sponsors but you don't have to click on them. just click on the stomach, that's all. it's one of the biggest charities in poland, so guys it's not a scam.
there are no pop-ups. you just click on the stomach, are transferred to another website - it says thank you ang gives the name of the sponsor but you DO NOT have to click on it.


2006-02-02 09:37:58

Watch it. I heard about a few websites similar to this one to support the hurricane katrina victims, shorlty after it occured. And actually it was a scam, the website was just pocketing the money. Be sure you know its legit.

2006-02-02 09:36:04

Miło że nie zapominasz o rodakach

2006-02-02 09:35:19

They could put the ads on the first page, and you wouldn't have to click hmm

2006-02-02 08:32:28

Advertising.  Every time you click on the stomach, you are taken a page with a few sponsors and links to their websites.

2006-02-02 07:44:02

OK - how does it work, then?

2006-02-02 02:03:35

Want to help to feed polish childeren?

Go to and click on the stomach. it takes only a few second (you can do it only once per day)

thanks guys

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