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2006-02-01 12:38:43

What do you mean, "if the equation is really long"?  By definition, a quadratic can only have 3 terms.  It can't be any longer than that.  All quadratic equations take the form of:

ax^2 + bx + c = 0

To solve this, use the quadratic equation, or, if you have a graphing calculator, graph it and find out when it crosses the x-axis (x = 0).

2006-02-01 12:37:56

Please do.

  As far as solving it by graphing, it is pretty self evident.  Graph your equation and wherever the curve meets the x axis is a root.

2006-02-01 12:13:44

Does any one know how to identify the roots of a quadratic equation if the equation is really long? hmm

P.S. If you need I will provide an example.

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