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Topic review (newest first)

2006-02-01 10:29:53

Hi Browniegirl ... welcome to the forum. Give people a little time to respond smile

You are already a member, the different grades are based on how many messages you post here.

You can upload an "avatar" by going to Profile (at top), then Personality. You must first have one on your PC, though! It can't be bigger than 60x60 pixels. Some people make their own, others find one searching the internet.

2006-02-01 09:14:20

How do you get to be a full memeber? or how do you get those icons?

2006-01-31 21:39:26

ok, here you go

2006-01-31 21:30:09

ok, got it. however difficult for me to expalin.


not the sane problem but might help

2006-01-31 21:25:28

I'm getting 4sqrt2 but also imaginary numbers.

2006-01-31 21:13:45

is the question about the triangle correct? haveing some problems with it :-(

2006-01-31 18:16:45

don't bother Kelp Kid rolleyes

2006-01-30 21:04:44

i mean
how IF X=[1,4] & A=[2,4] then A' =3. A` =
Gives answer[1,3]
how IF A[1,2] & B0,2) then A(Intersection Sign)B=
Gives answer[1,2)

Also have another question
1. If the area of a triangle is 16, formed by the points Z, Z+iZ and iZ in a complex plane then |Z|=_____

Gives 4(Under-root-->2) how?

Kelp Kid
2006-01-30 11:15:20

What on earth are you talking about?dunno

2006-01-30 04:24:16

didn;t got u.....?
hmmm can u also give me solutions steps of 3 and 4 because haven't ever seen these type of questions before so ..... not sure about them.....

2006-01-30 04:14:05

what do you mean by A[0,2]?

2006-01-30 04:10:57

i can't do it

do not know how to put it here :-(

5. i^(-4k+3) = i^-4k * i^3 = 1/i^4k * (-i) = 1/ i^2^2k * (-i) = 1/-1^2k * (-i) =
1/1^k *(-i) = 1*(-i) = -i

2006-01-30 04:06:58

thanks kempos
can u also put in solution steps of 3,4,5 cause these questions are new to me....

2006-01-30 03:47:58

solved 8 but dont know how to put it here :-(

how to paste equation from MS word? i have saved this bloody thing as a jpg try to paste it here but it does not work :-(

2006-01-30 03:34:27

3. A` = [1,3] ?
4. [1,2)?
5. -i

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