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2006-01-26 07:29:07

If the code can be repeated, then the answer is 5³ as you say.

Just like there are 10³ possible decimal numbers between 000 and 999 smile

2006-01-26 03:19:25

A secret code that needs to be key-ed in using only 1,2,3,4,5 button. If to open the door, u need to press three buttons, how many possible ways there to open the door? Assume tat the same code may be repeated.

For now, i have to ways in's either

5 x 5 x 5


1st condition- all numbers are different = 5p3
2nd condition- 2 num r de same, 1 is diff = (3p3/2p2) x 4
3rd condition- all num r de same = (3p3/3p3)

and add all the answers together..


i'm nt sure which would b a better way..or the correct way..pls help..

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