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2006-01-24 14:03:55

Finding area was rigorously defined by Riemann, which is why we call these Riemann Sums. The sums transform into the integral, which is used to find area.

EDIT: I apologize. My Latex coding is not working. Perhaps a mod could point out the error.

[Don't worry about it. LaTeX is pretty complicated. It took me a while to get that working. Hopefully that's what you meant to say smile]

2006-01-22 04:38:05

Hey It was nice....but how was it developed??????How was it used to find area,etc.....

2006-01-22 03:13:37

The history of calculus is interesting and its origin is generally attributed to the studies of Newton and Leibniz independently.  Calculus is a natural extension of logic used to study science and nature.

  Calculus is nothing more than the study of how things change.  More precisely of how one thing changes in relation to the changes of another thing.  Studying these rates of changes has led to the vast majority of scientific knowledge that mankind now has.

  If you want to understand how things work you can not use a single observation because the information or observation is static and has no meaning.  If you however make several observations and note how things change then you begin to understand what it is that is happening.  This is what calculus is in brief.

2006-01-22 02:52:44

How did the use of of differentiation and integration all came into use????how was the differnt formulas of dy/dx and integrations formed..who formed it???whats use..all this i want to knoe....why did it came to use??eekeek

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