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2006-01-21 07:18:40

It's called senior year in America.  Of course, unlike high school, being an actual senior doesn't mean you get to beat up on the juniors.

2006-01-21 07:08:36

There you go mikau, I finally posted an introduction smile.  At the moment I am in "year 12" (is that what its called in America?) - the last year of high school.  I am only 17, but may do maths at university next year.  Therefore I will be studying high school maths at the moment, hence the reason why I was pleased to see irspower's alternive proof for my spheres question - becuase it involves maths I don't currently know.

Hope that helped smile

2006-01-21 06:35:16

you seem to have some quite difficult geometry problems. I'm curious, what level math are you currently studying? Are you in college? What career are you studying for?

Why don't you go to the introductions forum and tell us a little about yourself? smile

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