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2006-01-16 02:22:09

thnx 4 tht smile its helped me x

2006-01-16 01:46:23

If you want to find x% of y, then it's very easy to do without a calculator as long as y ends in 00, as it does here. Just divide by 100, then multiply by x.

e.g. 6% of 2000.
Divide by 100 to get 20, then multiply by 6 to get 120.

2006-01-16 01:41:40

You can do all of the above without a calculator.  It's just multiplying decimals.  Ugly, but it works.

2006-01-16 01:30:55

can u explain how to work it out without using a calculator please? thnx i forgot to add tht in last night hmm

2006-01-15 11:53:20

That's right. If it's a single number, just treat it as if it's 02, 03 etc. to make sure you don't get confused. It would be horrible to lose easy marks in a test just because of a silly mistake.

2006-01-15 11:49:01

thanks you 2, i really apreciate that, hope your both around 2morrow wink lol

oh yeh btw, so if for example say 12% of 2000 would that be 0.12x2000=240? ive just tryed it out and thts the answer, so if its a single number you would have to put 0.01 or 2 ect... and if its 2 numbers it would have to be 0.12 or 0.13 ect?

2006-01-15 11:47:37

[Hehe, I beat you by 2 seconds, irspow!]

Hey, you don't have an "Edited by...." under your post.

[Nor do you. Oh, the joys of being a mod. wink ~mathsy]

2006-01-15 11:41:19

Mathsy, you are fassssst!

2006-01-15 11:40:01

6% = 6/100  = .06

Just multiply this by the number you want the percentage of.

2000(.06) = 120

2006-01-15 11:39:59

Whenever you see %, that always means that whatever number is before it should be divided by 100.

So, 6% is 6/100 = 0.06

To find 6% of 2000, just do 0.06 x 2000 = 120.

[Hehe, I beat you by 2 seconds, irspow!]

2006-01-15 11:36:04

hey guys, ive not been on here for a while, well im stuck again arghhhh sad im way way behind on my maths right now so im gonna need as much help as i can really get, if u guys can help me smile, first off....... this is 1 of the question im stuck on.... what is 6% of 2000?  now bareing in mind i havnt been doin my maths for a few weeks properly so ive missed out on loads of subjects, i cant go to extra classes cause of my time sceduale, so if anyone can please explain to me how to work out these kind of questions i would be sooo gratefull... and if its ok il probaly be here most of 2morrow writing in some more of other subjects. thank you... emma xx

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