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2006-01-11 02:34:21


the full mark is 100 points

grade 65 is worth 10% of the full mark which is 10 points. you scored 65/100 which is 6.5/100 of the full mark
grade 59 is worth 40% - 23.6/100 of the full mark

so all together you have 30.1/100 before your final.

you want to have more than 60 after your final so you have to score 29.9 on your final. 29.9/50 (the max on the final) is grade 59.8 on your final or more.

2006-01-11 02:25:53

Sorry, my bad, my end exam is indeed worth 50% of the end grade.

This is for a University in England - yes it does mean 65 out of 100 etc, the way my uni works is that a grade of over 60 gets you a degree classification 2.1 and over 70 gets you a first class. Any grade over 70 is nearly impossible to achieve!

Actually, thanks to your first post about my end exam not being 60% - I did know how to do it, I was just being stupid with my adding :p Thank you for putting me right.

2006-01-11 02:14:24

but if your final is worth 50% you need to get more than 59.8.

I'm sorry but I am not familiar with grades in the States. grade 65 means 65 out of 100?

2006-01-11 02:12:43


2006-01-11 01:47:11

Hey there, I'm trying, and failing miserably, at getting an answer to this question. I am trying to work out percentages of my exam grade. I have a grade of 65, forming 10% of my end grade, and 59, forming 40%, my end exam is worth 60%, so what grade would I need to ensure an overall grade of 60 or above? How do I work this out? After a while I came up with the answer 50, but this definately doesn't sound right.

Yes, I know I should be studying rather than working out the maths, but I'm just doing this in one of my breaks in order to put my mind at rest!

Thanks for the help!

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