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2005-12-18 18:01:06

For the hyperbolic functions:
Why does the chain has an equation

2005-12-18 16:36:35

A guy callled Patrik Lundin actually wrote it.

But I have been thinking about writing one in Flash, so that I can extend it.

John E. Franklin
2005-12-18 11:53:05

Nice job on the Graph Maker applet!  I was examining the hyperbolic functions.
They are still a mystery to me, but I see the basic shape now.

2005-12-16 07:58:27

You can try using this Graph Maker.


1. Enter "x^2+4", and press "PlotF" (bottom left). Then change 4 to 5 (or 3 etc) and press PlotF again to see what happens when "c" changes.

2005-12-16 07:05:09

As Ricky said it's always fun to just experiment with these things and see what comes up. Generally you will notice a reoccuring pattern in behaviours.

However, I'm going to jump at this opportunity to actually help someone, thought I'd be the one absorbing all the help around here, not giving it out. smile.

1. vertical translation of +c
2. vertical stretch of scale factor b
3. horizontal compression of scale factor k, also referred to as horizontal stretch of scale factor 1/k.
4. if (x) = a ^ x and g(x) = a ^ -x, g(x) is a reflection of (x) in the y axis.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, don't want to be giving out dummy information!

2005-12-16 06:35:27

Do you have a graphing calculator?  If not, you can do all these by hand by just plugging in points.

1. Try graphing 2^x + 0, 2^x + 1, and 2^x - 1

2. 1 * (2^x), 2*(2^x), 4*(2^x)

3. 2^(1*x), 2^(2*x), 2^(4*x)

4. 2^x and 2^-x

Just try different ones, and you should very quickly begin to see a pattern emerge.

2005-12-16 06:32:07

back with more questions

1. make a general statement about the effect of 'c' on the graph of f(x) = (a^x) + c

2. make a general statement about the effect of 'b' on the graph of f(x) = b * (a^x)

3. make a general statement about the effect of 'k' on the graph of f(x) = a^(k*x) does the graph of f(x) = a^-x compare to the graph of f(x) = a^x?

thank you!!

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