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2005-12-15 07:29:52

Me only contribution, mateys, is this ere lubberly sketch-ning

Chaotic Neutral
2005-12-15 06:51:34

Aye aye, captain Rottingham! Calculators at deck, rrreform in rradials if ye think it will make ye life easier.

2005-12-15 06:02:19

I didn't know it be talk like a pirate day. Yarr!

That scurvy dog, ryos, be correct. There be no identity that will rescue ye, landlubber.

At least, none that me or my parrot know. Arr!

2005-12-15 05:19:28

Those angles be not on the unit circle, matey. Aaargh!

Ahem. I don't think they have coterminal angles on the unit circle, either.

Which means...use a calculator! Right? Don't tell me there's a goofy trig identity that will come to the rescue. I hates trig identities.

2005-12-15 00:39:15


Since I could not solve the following equation though applying all information I have about trigonometry, I would very appreciate if anybody could help or make some suggestion. Thanks for your time.


(Answer: -1/2)

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