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2005-12-14 11:06:20

You're thinking of when it is something like bx².
When it is x² + bx, the graph shifts more to the left as b increases and more downward as |b| increases.

John E. Franklin
2005-12-14 09:28:37

The larger b is, then the parabola is bent more upward as you go right?
Just a guess.
If b is negative then the parabola is bent more downward as you go right?

2005-12-14 08:33:37

if the equation is x^2 + bx = 0, then b is the negative location of the second root (the first being 0).  In other words, -b is a root  of the equation.

2005-12-14 07:50:55

It just means you multiply x times b

So, if you knew that b was, say, 12, then you would have:

x^2 + 12 × x

2005-12-14 07:32:41


x^2 + bx , that is

2005-12-14 07:31:48

Hey guys.

This might seem like a very silly question, but oh well: what is the significance of the number b in x2 + bx?

thank yooo

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