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2005-12-14 10:28:07

76800/147600 = 64/123 ≈ 52%

2005-12-14 08:07:25

Its between south and northeast

John E. Franklin
2005-12-14 03:43:07

Just over a half because 75K is half of 150K and if you make the 150K smaller in
the denominator and the 75K bigger in the numerator, then the fraction gets
bigger.  That's why I say "over" a half.  76/147 is about 75/150.

2005-12-14 03:06:15

The median price of homes sold in 1991 by region of the country is given below.
          South=  $88,200
          Northeast=  $136,700
          Midwest= $76,800
          West=  $147,600
The median price of a home in the Midwest was approximatley what fraction of the median selling price of a home in the West?

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