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Topic review (newest first)

2005-12-02 07:38:21

Note: just delete and ban them as quick as you can. Just be careful about banning an IP - you might ban an entire school which has lots of good kids in it too.

(This sounds like it was the equivalent of a bunch of noisy kids yelling abuse, if you respond it just makes more fun for them. Wouldn't it be nice if in real life you could solve such a thing by pressing a button!)

2005-12-02 05:47:39

Well, excuse me for trying to be lenient.

Maths is for Huh
2005-12-02 05:46:21

Atlast, advice taken.

2005-12-02 05:35:09

[rickyoswaldiow asked in the post before this whether private messages were enabled, but then I accidentally deleted it]

I'm afraid not. Someone mentioned the idea before, but MathsIsFun thought it would be too dangerous in case an idiot sent something offensive to a little person. At least with the forum, idiotic posts can be deleted. Speaking of which...

2005-12-02 05:14:08

If we go away, darthradius, then the idiots will get bored and leave.

2005-12-02 05:09:24

Is that really all you have to say when I say that you are an embarassment to your generation? (BTW-you are an idiot...I am a woman)

Okay...I'm through with you...enjoy your pathetic rant and utterly wasted life...

2005-12-02 04:59:28

Wow....I cannot believe you all actually registered just in order to post this completely idiotic thread..., who can't get any? guess is going to have to be the two of you, having nothing better to do than make those stupid posts...

it's CHILDREN like the two of you that make me cringe at the thought of what the world will be like in a few decades when your generation takes over.

Maths is for Huh
2005-12-02 04:44:52

I can't find my brain! sad

[This person and their friend made lots of offensive posts which have now been deleted. If other members' posts no longer make sense, then that's because the context got removed.]

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