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2005-11-25 22:37:24

thank you for helping me i wouldnt of known where to start thanks again.

2005-11-25 15:43:08

Both the equations are the same!
a) When N=27, R=96/12 = 8.
b) When R=42, N= 8*42/3 - 5 = 112-5 = 107.
c) When N=0, R= 15/8

2005-11-25 11:00:25

i have a couple of question for people of they are willing to help me please,

1) the equations connecting the running cost of a piece of apparatus,R,and the number of times it is used in one month,N, are

    R=(3N + 15)

    N=  8R
         -----    -   5
use these equations to calculate

   a) the value of R when N=27

   b) the value of N when R= 42

   c) the value of R when N=0

this is really getting to me please help thanks to anyone who can yikes)

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