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bob bundy
2013-12-09 19:37:10

link in edited post


2013-12-09 19:33:39

oh ya right.......exactly....
e^(i*pi)=cos(pi)+i sin(pi)....
why didn't i think of this before....
thank you bob....

bob bundy
2013-12-09 19:23:59

hi Maiya

It comes from complex number theory.

A number of the form

means it has an 'argument' of theta measured anticlockwise from the positive x axis.

Using this


2013-12-09 18:53:33

Hello anonimnstefy....
how did someone end up with such an equality??
I mean i've tried it many times but i never got that equation right........
I could never compute e^i......
And can anyone put some sense into that equation....

2013-12-08 08:43:54

And what is that series called....??

That is called an Egyptian fraction.

2013-12-08 02:29:58

Hi Maiya

That is just an equality that many people find intriguing because it connects 5 major constants in math: e,pi,i,1 and 0.

2013-12-08 00:31:19

And just as dford i'm stuck with
Does anyone know what is that supposed to mean........???

2013-12-08 00:28:55

Hello everyone
why would anyone use such constant upto 14 decimal places........??
And what is that series called....??

2013-12-07 21:46:36

Hi dford;

Does that number come out of a problem you were working on?

To 14 decimal places the ancient Egyptians would represent that as:

2013-12-07 19:59:50

Yep that was my dream. If it turns out to mean something I'd be happy. smile

bob bundy
2013-12-07 19:17:33

hi Don

Is this your dream?

Doesn't ring any bells for me but maybe you have stumbled upon a new and significant constant.  Let's call it dford's constant.  smile

The 'math stuff' is called Latex.  Have a look at


2013-12-07 16:13:07

7√ π ^3

Not sure how to type all the math stuff but basically..

7th root of pi to the 3rd.

I have no idea why, but this equation has been stuck in my head for months.

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