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bob bundy
2013-12-02 23:42:30

OK.  I've changed the graph a little to make an easier example.

Let's say A is (2,3) and B is (12,8), and we want to divide the line into 5 equal parts.

(12-2)/5 = 2 and (8-3)/5 = 1   so we can step from point to point by going across 2 and up 1.

The points are (2,3) (4,4) (6,5) (8,6) (10,7) and (12,8)

So now to generalise that into a formula.  For the x coordinates :

where i goes from 0 to n

and the y coordinate is similar.


2013-12-02 22:30:05

yes right..

bob bundy
2013-12-02 22:19:17

Have a look at my graph below.  You click on it to get it normal size.

Do you want to be able to divide AB into a set of equal segments, each with its own coordinates ?


bob bundy
2013-12-02 22:10:50

hi pari_alf

I'm just going to make a diagram to go with this.  So if you can, stay on-line.


2013-12-02 22:01:36

how can we get the equal interval points along the line direction?>
Which resampling method would be better to use .


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