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2014-01-02 05:26:51

A cheesy program



Understand "xyzzy" or "say xyzzy" or "cast xyzzy" as casting xyzzy.

Casting xyzzy is an action applying to nothing.

Check casting xyzzy:
    if the player does not wear the amulet of elocution, say "You are unable to articulate the second 'z' separately from the first, and the spell fails in a disdainful puff. Must be Parisian magic." instead;
    if the player has the plate, say "The plate of cheeses twitches uncomfortably, aware that it should be doing something, but not sure what." instead.

Carry out casting xyzzy:
    move the plate to the player. ch

Report casting xyzzy:
    say "Under the influence of the Amulet of Elocution, you pronounce this as Xhi-zee. And lo, from nowhere, a [plate] appears!"

The amulet of elocution is a wearable thing. It is carried by the player. The description is "A heavy gold ring on a chain. If heated in an ordinary house fire, it glows with the words, 'Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses.'"

The plate is a portable supporter. On the plate is a very ripe ooze. Instead of smelling the ooze, say "It smells like socks. This is going to be wonderful." The ooze is edible. The printed name of the plate is "plate[if the plate supports the ooze] of cheese[end if]". The description of the ooze is "Definitely genuinely cheese." Understand "cheese" as the ooze.

Instead of eating the ooze: remove the ooze from play; say "You are transported..."; move the player to Paradise.

The Cheez Factory is a room. "All around you are squares of pressed orange polymer, or possibly cheez. Your only hope is the magic word your uncle taught you: XYZZY." The squares of pressed orange polymer are scenery in the Factory. The description is "You see nothing special about the squares of pressed orange polymer. Nothing special at all." Understand "square" or "cheez" as the squares.

Paradise is a room. The description is "Well, it might just be one of the posh upper rings of purgatory, if you're entirely honest with yourself."

Test me with "x squares / x amulet / x cheese / xyzzy / wear amulet / xyzzy / x ooze / smell ooze /  eat ooze".
2014-01-02 05:02:58

Here is a little Inform 7 code for generating Fibonacci Numbers:


"The Fibonacci Sequence"

Pisa is a room. Leonardo Fibonacci is a man in Pisa. "The modest Italian mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci (1170-1250), beams at you."

Sequencing is an action applying to one number. Understand "sequence [number]" as sequencing.

Instead of sequencing, say "You make a feeble attempt, sketching in the sand, but it goes nowhere. Leonardo is sympathetic. 'Often goes wrong for me, too, actually. I didn't even invent the thing - the ancient Indians knew about it first.'"

Persuasion rule for asking Leonardo to try sequencing: persuasion succeeds.

Report Leonardo sequencing:
    let N be the number understood;
    say "Leonardo scratches his head and makes self-deprecating remarks, before coming up with [the first N terms of the Fibonacci sequence]."

[ An array need not be fixed in length, as the following example shows:]

To decide what list of numbers is the first (F - a number) terms of the Fibonacci sequence:
    let the Fibonacci sequence be {1, 1};
    let N be 3;
    while N < F:
        let the last term be entry (N - 1) of the Fibonacci sequence;
        let the penultimate term be entry (N - 2) of the Fibonacci sequence;
        let the next term be the last term plus the penultimate term;
        add the next term to the Fibonacci sequence;
        increment N;
    decide on the Fibonacci sequence.

Test me with "sequence 20 / leonardo, sequence 20".
2014-01-02 04:18:52

I was wondering if I could code modern encryption systems on Inform 7

2013-12-01 01:43:50

I will, do not worry.

2013-11-30 23:28:50

Okay ask him

2013-11-30 17:55:21

I do not know, I will ask Agnishom.

2013-11-30 17:45:42

No, why is it the topic of the day?

2013-11-30 15:47:14

Because you can not see it.

2013-11-30 15:41:54


2013-11-30 15:28:00

Hohohohohohohoho, transparent soap is the topic of the day.

2013-11-30 15:24:56

What's with the transparent soap?

2013-11-30 15:21:22

Hmm, and do you like transparent soap?

2013-11-30 15:20:11

If there isn't, there isn't. If there is, nothing to be done about it, so why bother?

2013-11-30 15:17:54

Do you believe in the existence of a purpose of existence?

2013-11-30 15:16:22

Agnishom wrote:

Hi stefy;

Did you play Gothic 4?
What is FRP?

Hi bobbym;
then what do you want the player character to be? A game is a medium in itself, it is not wise to think that writing a game is same as writing a book or a film.

I did not.

FRP - Fantasy Role Play.

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