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bob bundy
2013-10-03 00:42:04

Excellent!  smile  What answer?


By the way.  It's easier for me to turn the prism so the base becomes the front.

2013-10-03 00:40:54

Thank you! I figured them out (:

bob bundy
2013-10-03 00:39:39

OK, here it is.  (click on it to see it larger)  The front is 7 by 4 and so is the back.

When you join the front to the back, that's what makes the prism.

The lateral area is the four rectangles that join the front to the back.  I've shaded them red.

Can you work out the area now?


2013-10-03 00:31:11


bob bundy
2013-10-03 00:30:42

Would you like a diagram?


2013-10-03 00:28:24

I just dont understand how to set up the problems... Math is my weakest subject

bob bundy
2013-10-03 00:23:01

Arrh.  I see you have changed the numbers.  That's better.  smile

The lateral rectangles will be 7 by 6, 4 by 6, 7 by 6 and 4 by 6 .

So work these out and add them up.

What do you get?


bob bundy
2013-10-03 00:13:14

hi brittany1595

Stay on line for a moment and I'll have a look at these.


2013-10-03 00:07:56

length= 7
width= 4

This rectangle just became the base of a regular prism, with a height of 6:

What is the lateral area?

What is the total surface area?

What is the volume?

What is the area of the largest rectangular side?

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