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2013-10-21 05:55:29


That will get the first 100, what will you do for the rest?

2013-10-21 05:21:07

Hi bobby, I'm working on rememorizing the atomics weights yet again.
This time I'm using a map of Keene, NH and the five room 100 sided
castle figure I drew some years ago as a way around the town.
So 11 to 99 and 00 to 10 are being used in place of actual bldings and
restaurants around town.  (to see that old post, try quelque chose like
"100 sided figure" or something)

2013-10-13 10:27:07

Hi John;

Good to hear from you.

2013-10-13 06:07:50

Hi bobbym,  i'm working on kindergarten mathematics \
by visualizing blocks in my head filling boxes and carrying \
into the 10's place box.   Talk another day...

2013-10-03 08:56:39

tomorrow... tomorrow..

2013-10-03 07:27:01

I thought you would say

i'm in a hurry1
i'm in a hurry2
i'm in a hurry4
i'm in a hurry8
i'm in a hurry16
i'm in a hurry32

2013-10-03 01:26:33

i'm in a hurry0
i'm in a hurry2
i'm in a hurry9

2013-10-02 09:00:41

So, JEF2 -> JEF1 -> JEF.

John E. Franklin (1)
2013-10-02 08:13:37

I am bak!! smile
How are you, fine chap!!
Very busy nowadays!!
Talk in a few.. ..

2013-10-02 01:37:15

Hi John E. Franklin (2);

I have a question:

What has happened to John E. Franklin 1?

7. did he start with for example, sampling and digital and then eventually worked into analog ideas and how did he bridge the gap, supposing this is what he did.

That is exactly what he did. In their notes you find that most people start by experimenting with small examples. The classical mathematicians leave all of that out when they write the paper and the experimental ones hurry to put it in.

As far as I can understand Newton generalized it all with the question of what happens when there are an infinite number of small pieces. This led to the concept of the limit and what you call analog.

I remember attending a lecture of a famous physicist often seen on television. Half way through the lecture I woke up only to hear that he claimed he never worked with numerics or discrete examples. He claimed he came up with his ideas by thinking in 9 dimensional space. As the rest of the audience began to nod knowingly, I went back to sleep.

John E. Franklin (2)
2013-10-01 23:43:14

1. the history of newtons life
2. the foundations of newtonian calculus
3. the fabric of Einstein's usage of ideal calculus by Newton
4. the theory that Egyptian thought pi was 4.
5b. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
6. comparisons of historical documents involving Newton's processes to reach is goals when he lived.
7. did he start with for example, sampling and digital and then eventually worked into analog ideas and how did he bridge the gap, supposing this is what he did.
8. Did newton have a diary?
9. Are there any friends or peers or community people in and around Newtons town or village that might have diaries that might bring insight into this formation?
10c. I apolagize for yesterdays inappropriate posting and hope i wil be allowed to do better soon.

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