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2013-10-01 08:02:01

I like it when my answer agrees with somebody else's. smile

bob bundy
2013-10-01 07:53:09


I think 28 too.  smile


2013-10-01 05:22:09

If anybody is interested, my method is:

I looked at the upper left-hand side only.

In this part, there are 2^3 paths which produce MATH, because, at every letter we can either go up or right, and there are 3 places where we make the choice.
It's the same for the other 3, so it's 32 total, but, because we counted each straight path twice, we subtract 4 to get the number of possible ways to spell MATH to be 28.

2013-10-01 05:10:06

Thanks  anonimnystefy

2013-10-01 05:05:36

Hi jacks

I'd say 28 is correct.

2013-10-01 04:59:22

Thanks bobbundy I am Getting 28

bob bundy
2013-09-30 07:22:47

hi jacks

Draw the grid and letters and write a 1 over the M.  There's only one M so all routes start there.

Now go to an A.  There are 4 of these so write a 1 over each.  (see picture)

Now to go to a T.  I've just shown the ways to get to one of the Ts.  You can go up then right, or right then up so I've written a 2 over that T.  Do the same for the other Ts.

Now how can you get to an H from a T?  Work that out and write the correct number over each H.  Add them up and there's your answer.

EDIT:  I'm getting a lot more than 16.


2013-09-30 06:39:44

I got twelve by following it round, almost as if it were a clock, but then I noticed that there are other ways (e.g. left, up, left). I'm sure there's a way to be sure (this isn't really my area of expertise) but just a cursory attempt at a brute force solution seems to suggest to me that 16's a pretty good answer.

2013-09-30 05:07:50

I do not know yet, I have not worked on the problem. I am busy with the other ones.

But a cursory examination yields at least 16 so I would think 12 is incorrect.

2013-09-30 05:04:29

I am Getting 12. To Admin. (bobbym) is it right or not


2013-09-30 04:40:58

Starting at the M in the center of the Letter below, you may move Left, Right,Up or Down to anadjoining Letter.

How many Distinct paths can be followed to spell the word MATH

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