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2013-09-07 07:16:13

That is very good and welcome to the forum. try a few more and come back with any questions. Good luck.

2013-09-07 07:10:08

Thanks, I think I get it now.

2013-09-07 06:47:43

You just keep adding it to the next digit like you were doing before the decimal. If you have a remainder of 5 and the next digit is 0 then it becomes a 50. This can happen before the decimal too.

Of course 561 is the same as 561.0 or 561.00 or 561.000 etc.

2013-09-07 06:44:40

I know this may sound stupid but how do you know to add 0 and keep dividing? When you get 4, how do you know that is the end? Why don't you add 0 to 40 and divide again by 15?

2013-09-07 05:54:57


Just continue the process. 60 / 15  is 4.

Remember to put the 0 after the decimal point when you start. 561 is written as 561.0 so when you get that last carry you can continue past the decimal point.

2013-09-07 05:50:21

What am I doing wrong with this division

My ans 37.6? I know this is incorrect on calculator it is 37.4

My working out:

56/15 is 3 with 11 remaining

111/15 is 7 with 6 remaining.

I like doing division in standard manner and layout rather than rounding up or using factors etc.

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