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2005-11-22 03:48:51

Calculus is a kidney stone?

Ok, I never thought I'd say this but KIDNEY STONES ROXXOR TEH BIG ONEZ!!!111

2005-11-20 16:31:07

... but only *very small* stones.

In Medicine a calculus is, for example, a kidney stone!

And on the subject of proofs, I remember some mathamatician, on being asked how he developed his special proof, said (and I can't remember his actual words but they were something like:)

"well, really I had this sudden idea while travelling on the bus ... it then took me months to work backwards from that idea ... then I had to make it look like I had worked it all out forwards"

2005-11-20 15:10:34

Calculus seems to be the study of "everything we couldn't figure out until Newton and Leibnitz."

The word calculus once meant "stone." I guess whoever named it thought it was heavy, too!

2005-11-20 12:04:33

Yes, Calculus teachers sometimes use wizardry and wicca to proof theorems.

2005-11-20 10:51:22

I was wondering if there was any sort of book like this. Sure would be an interesting read. I always like when my mathbook lessons briefly talk about famous mathematicians, what they discovered, proved, etc. I'd like to know how it all started.

Another thing I'd like to know is where the names "algebra" and "calculus" came from. Trigonometry is obvious but algebra and calculus, dunno. While we're on the subject, how do we define "algebra" and "calculus"? Algebra might be called the study of equations? Calculus, studying magic? :-D

2005-11-19 18:21:04

Go here. The book is quite interesting. I'd love to read it. I saw the table of contents and I am impressed. $26.37 --- worth it! I am not sure whether any free downloadable version is available on the net. My guess - there isn't!

2005-11-19 17:55:38

hi my good friends!
I need a downloadable version of CARL.B.BOYER's book, it's title is "a history of mathematics"!
please help me!

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