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bob bundy
2013-08-23 01:29:56

There are points of inflexion at x = +/- 6.53...

These are the points where the gradient decreases to a minimum, and then increases once more.

My graph below for the function and its first derivative show this.

And I've labelled it B.  But I'm assuming that was what the question is after.


At A the tangent is above the line; at C it is below.  So it's reasonable to assume that between A and C it makes the change.

Strictly it doesn't say that B is that point but what was the point of the question if the answer is just "We don't know" ?

So Ok, choose answer E, but under protest.  smile


2013-08-23 00:41:49


If those are the choices then I would go with E.

2013-08-22 23:08:23

Can we say it is impossible to find the slope, and why??
If this is an undulation then all what we did is wrong.. How can the solution be then??

The multiple choices for the answer are:
{A} 16
{B} 1
{C} 7
{D} 67
{E} It is impossible to say without knowing the exact value of the given information

What is the final answer???

2013-08-22 22:24:30

I think that is because that is an undulation point, therefore it is not an inflection point.

2013-08-22 22:11:01

A QUESTION: CAN A GRAPH contain MORE than one INFLECTION point? and WHY?

Here is the graph for the function:

Where is the inflection point in it??
and If it doesn't contain infliction point how can I make sure of that as I don't see the whole graph??

What I tried, but I am sure this is a wrong answer:
f(x)= 2x^4 - 512x - 7x - 28
f'(x)= 8x - 1024x - 7
f''(x)= 24x - 1024
at inflection point f''(x)= 0 ⇒ 24x - 1024 = 0
then the value of the tangent at B is [f'(x)]"at x= (8√6)/3" = 8[(8√6)/3] - 1024[(8√6)/3] - 7 = -4466.159994

THIS IS WRONG ANSWER as it seems to be there is no inflection point

2013-08-22 21:37:03


By golly, I think BB is right and I do not mean Big Brother. That does look like an inflection point at

see the red dot. Notice the change in the second derivative at the inflection point.

bob bundy
2013-08-22 20:32:49


Judging by the other tangents, it looks like B is a point of inflexion.  At such a point the dy/dx graph has a local minimum ( or maximum) and as a result the tangent there crosses the curve.

So get dy/dx and differentiate again and set to zero.


2013-08-22 20:27:37


Welcome to the forum.

The tangents to the curve at the points A and C are shown.

Where are they shown? If you want a numeric answer, I will need more.

2013-08-22 20:09:10

Consider the function f(x)= 2x^4 - 512x - 7x - 28. The function is plotted below. The tangents to the curve at the points A and C are shown. Find the value of the tangent at the point B if possible.

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