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2013-07-20 02:05:37

Thanks big_smile

2013-07-20 01:33:32

Hi Agnishom;

Very good!

2013-07-19 22:40:23

Have a look at … ing/#mixed
The probability that Pete choses C is 0.3 while the probabiity that Pete choses D is 0.7
Since, Sue is indifferent between c and d, his expected payoffs must be equal.

0.3(6+2A) +0.7(0+A) = 0.3(12+A) + 0.7(3)

Solving yields, A = 3.9

Thats all, guys!

2013-07-19 01:07:47

Sue and Pete are playing Prisoner's Dilemma with the payoffs from the table below. If both of them cooperate, each will get a bonus of 2A (the public good), if only one cooperates, each will get A, and if no one cooperates there is no bonus. Sue calculated that Pete will cooperate with probability p=0.3. What should be the value of the award A so that Sue is indifferent between cooperating and defecting?

Suggested Guide: … /training/

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