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2013-07-09 00:41:06


If you now understand what they did then that is okay with me.

2013-07-09 00:33:55

bobbym wrote:


That is an extremely weird answer they give.

Sir, forgive me I should have provided how the question should be solved. the question says:

(The factorize the expression completely). I think it should be the answer if we are to factorize it,  I have now comprehended it.  And I can explain.

What do you say.

2013-07-09 00:26:09


That is an extremely weird answer they give.

2013-07-09 00:20:46

(h^2  -  h^2) -p(h+h)

= (h - h)(h + h) -p(h+h)

= (h + h)(h - h - p) . The final solution provided by the book.kiss

2013-07-09 00:12:39

Regarding the problem above I think the member omitted the 'negative sign'.

The following is how I see it;

0-p(h+h) = (-ph - ph)

= -2ph , What do you say with my solution? The 'negative sign' was affecting the P.

2013-07-06 21:48:40

Ebenezerson I think u are posting wrong question

2013-07-06 12:21:23

But how can you factor them?

1) (h^2 - h^2) -p(h + h)

h^2 - h^2 = 0

There is no difference of 2 squares.

2013-07-06 12:08:08

Hi, if you want to simplify  0-p (h+h), it would be ph + ph which  is 2ph. Secondly, difference of two squares implies that you need to factor these, not just simplify. To do that, you must use the identity (a^2)-(a^2) equals (a+b)(a-b).  smile

2013-07-06 08:44:02

But sir, the book in which I am learning this from has given me a different answer altogether.

It is saying, though an algebra but this type of question is called "difference of two squares".

I would provide his procedure here, which I could not quite comprehend some aspects of his proceduredizzy.

I really appreciate your enormous assistance.


2013-07-06 08:38:38

0-p(h + h)
= -hp - hp.

2013-07-06 02:32:32

You can use latex, that is what I am using. It is all done by a site. Take a look here.

1) (h^2 - h^2) -p(h + h)

h^2 - h^2 is 0

0  - p(h + h)

Can you do the next step?

2)  X^2 + X^2 + X^2 - Y^2

X^2 + X^2 + X^2  is 3X^2

3X^2 - Y^2 we can not simplfy any further so you are done.

2013-07-06 01:57:54

Thank you sir, God bless, but please one more problem from algebra.
1. (h^2 - h^2) -p(h + h).

2. X^2 + X^2 + X^2 - Y^2

Please, where can I use the mathematical items, like the (square), (plus symbol) and the others in this forum, as  you have used them nicely above.


2013-07-05 11:06:13

Hi EbenezerSon;

Welcome to the forum.

This looks like what you want done:

x + x = 2x

2x + x^2 = 2x + x^2

Now x^2 - x^2 = 0.

2x + 0 = 2x

2013-07-05 09:03:57

Hello sir, please assist me to solve these algebra.

x+x+x2-x2.  please the two x are squared, I cannot locate them(the squares) in this forum in order to apply them  conveniently on them.

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