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2013-06-23 07:08:00

I think the exact wording would help. If a, b and c must be real, then your proof is the whole proof of the result.

bob bundy
2013-06-23 06:48:48

Well thanks for helping.  It's nice to know you agree with me.  But how to prove the result?????


2013-06-23 06:36:09

I still don't get it. There is no mistake in your proof and your last post there proves that it must be that all three are equal...

bob bundy
2013-06-23 05:58:33

Well yes, it does.  But surely that can't be it alone.  It's a bizarre way to ask that, isn't it?


ps.  I suppose there may be many complex solutions.  The other questions suggest the student knows what these are and even if not,  the required property may drop out anyway because you're not asked for the solutions; only to show that result.  What's bothering me is, I can't get that result.

2013-06-23 05:54:52

Hi Bob

Well, doesn't a=b=c imply the property we want proven?

bob bundy
2013-06-23 05:43:17

I'm stuck on Q1 from

Somebody join in please and either tell me where I've gone wrong, or do the question.  I'll settle for either.  It's kinda lonely being all on my own there.

Thank you so much smile


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