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Topic review (newest first)

2013-06-18 20:00:59

If everybody who posts questions would only learn the simple thing of being accurate they would come away with more than if they learned 100 theorems.

2013-06-18 19:56:41

Yes, the wording was the cause of the problem.

2013-06-18 19:49:28

I agree with his answer too. But the only reason that question did not fall in post #7 was because of the omitted words.

2013-06-18 19:41:40

Hi bobbym

If we interpreted the wording correctly (and I believe we have) then I agree with your answer.

2013-06-18 19:39:21

It looks obvious.

It can only be considered obvious if one is willing to accept my interpretaion of it as in post #13.

You see the question is incomplete. It is missing some words.

distances from  on the circumference

between "from" and "on" there is an important phrase missing. This is the confusion!

2013-06-18 19:17:01

How old is this guy? This corresponds to VN grade 9. The teacher forces my grade 6 son to read the grade 9 textbook. Now he can do it. It looks obvious.

2013-06-18 18:14:33

Hi Bob;

This is what I drew. Circle center on y = x, Circle intersects (6,27) or (27,6). Tangent to the x and y axis.

bob bundy
2013-06-18 16:55:08

Second attempt at a diagram.

Is this correct?


2013-06-18 08:03:59

it was correct.

i was also stumped about 27 and 6. the diageam was corect

2013-06-18 07:51:14

Ah, I think I have it. 27 and 6 are the distances of on of the points on the circumference of the table. Figured it out from bobbym's equation. Good job on figuring it out, bobbym!

2013-06-18 04:55:41

Hi cooljackiec;

For Q2:

The circular table in the diagram is pushed tangent to two perpendicular walls. The distances from  on the circumference to the two walls are 27 and 6. What is the radius of the table?

r = 51 and r = 15

we reject r = 15 so the answer is r = 51.

bob bundy
2013-06-18 04:26:43

Stefy wrote:

Do you agree with Q3?


Are you giving hints about how you did them?  smile


bob bundy
2013-06-18 04:25:17

hi cooljackiec

Q2 has stumped us at the moment.  I've made a diagram with a circular table against two walls.  The walls are AB and AD.

We know that the angle at A is 90; and so are the angles at B and D as the walls make tangents.

So ABCD is a square.

So where does the 27 and 6 come from?


2013-06-18 04:24:23

Do you agree with Q3?

bob bundy
2013-06-18 04:18:53


I agree with both your answers.

Yes, a diagram would help.

I'll post a picture of what I am getting from the Q and maybe cooljackiec can correct it.


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