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2013-05-07 20:34:23

Well enough to suit my needs!

2013-05-07 20:13:56

How well do you know Python and NumPy?

2013-05-07 19:56:27


2013-05-07 19:54:45

Oh, ok. So, basically, it is better for numerical computation than regular Python?

2013-05-07 19:52:19

Using NumPy, we can use arrays much like in matlab.
We need not write lines of code to multiply matrices. So, it will be much faster since built-in functions are optimized.
It also provides many functions for scientific computing.

2013-05-07 19:35:46

Well, only the last two functions are in NumPy.

What is exactly NumPy used for, if I may ask, because, although I heard about it, I never knew its purpose. How is it different from regular Python?

2013-05-07 19:15:32

Compilation of julia did not work for me, so I can't check.
Anyway, I believe it was not benchmarked against NumPy, Cython etc., which would be much faster.

edit: saw that it was benchmarked against NumPy..

2013-05-07 10:12:28

I have just found about this new programming language called Julia which is supposedly faster than many of currently popular PLs, including Python, Matlab, Octave, R and JS when it comes to mathematical and numerical computation.
From what I see it is procedural, though.

I haven't had time to check it out much yet, but anyone who is willing to do so, its webpage is

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