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2013-02-17 08:47:13

Hi joeandjack;

Can show a good example of what exactly you are trtying to do?

2013-02-17 08:17:07

Here`s a problem:
> We have 8 sports games called a pool, the object is too pick the winner of each game. there are only two outcomes win or lose. I know that there are 256 possible combinations. I think that on any given night there could be at least 3 underdogs win. How can i calculate how many combinations that would be, I would eliminate all combos having only 2 underdogs or less on a ticket and would also eliminate all tickets having 6-8 favorites win, how can I calculate these odds for this problem, and how can i calculate if number games were increased or number of underdogs predicting. Can something be made on Excel.
> Good luck and thanks
> Joe

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