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2005-11-08 18:00:48

applying logarithms into a complicated function can make the function much easier.  for example:

y= [x^(3/4)√ (x + 1)]/(3x + 2)^5

apply log to both sides

lny = 3/4lnx + 1/2lx(x + 1) - 5ln(3x + 2)

all we gotta do now is add and subtract which is much easier than the original one.

2005-11-08 17:24:12

isn't there more and perfectly referene?
I want to know: who does logarithm making easy calculus?

2005-11-08 06:56:06

There's a good entry about logarithms in Wikipedia. It's got a paragraph about their history if you scroll down.

2005-11-08 06:27:05

hi good friends!
I searched the web for a document that contain history of logarithm but didn't find an iteresting thing!
Is there a savier?

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