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John E. Franklin
2013-01-26 14:35:57

Venn diagrams are circular usually and Karnaugh maps are gridlike square-ish, but they are both one and the same except that the
Karnaugh map encloses the zero zero zero case in a box, whereas a venn diagram puts the zero zer zero case outside all the circles and does not
put a circle around it, though you could circle everything and that would make them more similar.

2013-01-21 15:26:02

I don't think they got it from line 3. With or without that term, the statement is the same:

This is because

2013-01-21 08:34:01

This is Boolean rule#11. (It is not complete I know). My Q is, how did the 

develop in the equation in line 4?

     rule #10 A = A + AB
     rule #  7 A = AA

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