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2013-01-05 09:04:05


Did you succeed in getting any other information from the guys at Mimics?

2013-01-05 08:42:39

PS;  I knew you weren't  the ogre Jimmy makes you out to be.javascript:insert_text('wave',%20'');

2013-01-05 08:40:54

jpeg format does not create a true volume data set.  the ultrasound transducer sweeps across the target and collects a gajillion slices of data.  raw data does not convert nor does jpeg, or img, btm, or a number others.  The only formats that collect the entire data set seems to be Dicom, 4-D View either compressed or not and, potentially a cartesian file though these have not proven to be reliable.
Thank you Bobby, you have given me some hope and I hope we can continue our dialog going forward.

2013-01-05 07:39:45

I was just at the Mimics site, they claim that they can deal with Ultrasound through segmentation which Mimics does. They can handle DICOM, the most common format too.

Yes, please talk to them, perhaps they have added the features you need. They should have representatives willing to talk to you for as long as you like. Ask them about GE's program, they should be willing to advise you on converting over.

Also why shouldn't 4D view output in the jpeg format which Mimics also handles.

2013-01-05 07:23:57

I am calling Materialise who has Mimics...they have mentioned that they have something that may work, I just don't know from where.  If they can give me a basic description of what it is, I will forward to you.
Also, the Dicom standard is pretty generic maybe that would work.  Do know anything about that?

2013-01-05 07:01:53


Writing a program to do it is doubtful. The files you have are probably encrypted.

Have you contacted GE-VolusonClub and asked if they know of anyway to do it?

Are these .4dv files just still pictures or a slide show when you view them in 4D view?

2013-01-05 06:47:19

Right! But I can export from it to another program if it exists.  That's where I need help.  It needs to go into a segmentation program before Mimics etc.
So how and where and who might be able to do that?  I know it exists, I have the proof that it works but I need to find some one or something that can write this in a very basic way and put the idea back into business.

2013-01-05 03:29:07


The fact that it comes with a dongle means that they are ultra paranoid. This could mean that compatibility with other programs is severely limited.

So far I have found no other program that will open that extension.

2013-01-05 03:11:11

Hi, I'm back.
Yep, the program does come with a dongle (haptic device) but there is a free version that is a little limited.  For our purposes, the free ware works ok for experimenting.

2013-01-04 11:42:33

Okay, sorry I could not be more help. If I get something I will send it to you.

2013-01-04 11:37:52

It' time for me to say good bye for the day.  I can't thank you enough for your interest.  If you stumble upon something before the morrow, please give me a shout at my e-mail address.  I will be checking that later this evening but for now it's off to the chamber for intrusive behavior propagated on gravid ladies.

2013-01-04 11:35:59

Does it really come with a dongle?

2013-01-04 11:34:16

Yes.  I have a more extensive version of that because of my profession, but that is the one.

2013-01-04 11:16:49

I am starting to see that. The link I gave in post#18 is this the program we are discussing?

2013-01-04 11:13:59

THe only problem is that it really doesn't.  I have submitted volumes to them only to have them inform me of the short comings.  They need something to bring it out of 4dv into their program.  4dv doesn't provide that ability in the exporting process.

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