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2013-01-25 05:20:43

Hi combo;

Same to you.

2013-01-25 02:39:27

Will do bobbym. Thank you for your advice. Have a nice week.



2013-01-24 11:35:31


If you post your question in suggestions and comments he will see it.

2013-01-24 05:09:30

Thank you bobbym for your timely response.
Do you have an idea through what channel Mr/Ms. MIF can be reached please? I basically would like to ask him/her the same questions from my original post.
Thank you for your time.


2013-01-24 03:56:58

Hi combo;

Welcome to the forum.

MIF, the creator of the site wrote that tool. He is a very creative and clever fellow.

2013-01-24 03:50:48

What an excellent site! I was looking at the Combination and Permutation Calculator tool page. Does anyone know what programming language was the tool written on? And who is such a genius for this tool??

2012-12-28 00:07:57


The method he is using on the page put one object in each box, more objects, more boxes. With repetition or with replacement means you have an infinite amount of each object.

There is a more alegebraic approach to answering that question but his way is getting the right answer and may be easier to follow.

Being a newby to combinations and repetition, it took a few extra moments for me to recognize how it works.

Everyone is a newbie in combinatorics. Easiest branch of math to mistakes in. I hope I have answered it corectly. Come back if you learn anything else about it.

2012-12-28 00:01:50

Thanks bobbym, your response made me think about it a little deeper.  Being a newby to combinations and repetition, it took a few extra moments for me to recognize how it works.  Thanks!!  smile

2012-12-27 23:44:20


Welcome to the forum. I am not exactly following you. The boxes is a method of solving that problem. The fact that you are sampling with repetition means you already have multiple amounts of each one. This is the best I can make of your question.

If you were to describe the exact question you want answered then maybe I could help more.

2012-12-27 23:05:10


Thank you for taking the time to explain permutations and combinations ( / combinatorics / combinations-permutations.html).  I am not very familiar with calculating these, but your explanations have helped a lot.  Regarding your example of Combinations with Repetition using the five ice cream flavors, how do I calculate the number of combinations that are possible in cases where some of the boxes of ice cream contain a combination of two flavors and some contain a single flavor (e.g. banana, chocolate/vanilla, lemon, strawberry, fudge/mint)?  dunno

Thank you for your time,


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