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2013-05-06 16:41:27

Oh, so, math in Excel 2.0 here?

2013-04-30 20:15:55

Why not just post here?

2013-04-30 19:14:02

Oh. Math in Excel 2 soon!

2013-04-22 14:03:58

There is probably a lot to learn about excei

2013-04-22 14:01:55

Thanks everyone. smile

2013-03-08 07:25:57

I once made a table of the Beta function, but I also had to do one of the Gamma function too because the Beta function uses the Gamma function.
Then I had to make a factorial (or Pi function) table for the Gamma function to work...then I hit the wrong button and lost it all...xD
It is quite fun though making "calculators" with Excel!

2012-12-21 00:58:47

Hi julianthemath,

There are a number of other ways of getting the result you did, but here a couple of easy ones:-

Method 1:

Enter the following into the cells as shown.

A1: 1
A2: =A1^2

Left-click in A1 to select it, and while still holding down the mouse button move the cursor into B1 to select both of them together.
Release the mouse button, but don't click anywhere on the page, otherwise those two cells will be deselected.
Left-click the 'fill-handle' that now appears in the bottom right-hand corner of B1 (it's a black square, which changes to a cross-hair when you hover the mouse over it), and while holding down the left mouse button drag it all the way down column 2 to row 25.
That automatically fills columns 1 and 2 in one go. smile

Method 2:

Enter the following into the cells as shown.

A1: 1
A2: =A1^2

Left-click in A1 to select it.
While holding down the keyboard's Ctrl key, left-click the fill-handle (explained in Method 1) and drag it down column 1 to row 25.
The sequence of numbers 1:25 now appears down the 25 rows in column 1.
Left-click in B1 to select it, and double-left-click the fill-handle to automatically fill column 2 with the formula from B1 for every cell that has data to the left of each column 2 cell.
There...done! smile

And don't let anonimnystefy fool you...I'm no Excel expert! I've learnt a few things over the years by trying this and that, mainly for puzzles and work. Excel has a lot going for it, including the enormous amount of information and help available on the internet.

bob bundy
2012-12-20 21:17:35

hi julianthemath

When I do sudokus I'm always making mistakes like entering an illegal number in a row.  So I made an Excel sheet that puts Xs in the places you cannot go so I could cheat a bit.  I had already done some other stuff on my computer when I started so the memory was down a bit.  Which is probably why I ran out of memory.  eeekkk!  Had to save, re-start and just have Excel running.

Too much to show all here I think.  Here's the contents of just one random cell:


w3 contains



2012-12-20 20:36:36

I know that phrontister is an expert in Excel. Maybe he will come here.

2012-12-20 17:30:37

Anyone who made anything math in excel? Post them here!
Squaring numbers
Type the numbers 1-25 in cells A1-A25. Then, do this formula "=PRODUCT(X,Y), wherein X is cell A1, and Y is also cell A1. After that, copy it, then select column B1. Paste it.

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