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2012-12-20 05:00:21

Hi jacks

bob bundy
2012-12-20 04:53:23

hi jacks,

You may throw a one straight away, or on throw 2, or on throw 3, or on throw 4, or ...........

See diagram.

P(one at first throw) = 1/6
P(one at second throw) = 5/6 times 1/6 = 5/36
P(one at third throw) = 5/6 x 5/6 x 1/6 = 25/216

etc etc.

As this goes on for ever you need to know how to do the sum to infinity of a geometric progression.  Post again if you want help with that.


2012-12-20 04:16:57

A fair dice is rolled . the probability that the first time one occur at even no. of trails

Can any one explain me using Tree Diagram.


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