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2012-12-03 22:49:23


Were you able to set the equations up to get those answers?

2012-12-03 22:29:45

Thanks Bob!

2012-12-02 22:22:41


2012-12-02 22:15:26

For my studies. I'm not to sure how to do them. Especially number 2.

1. You want to borrow three rock CDs from your friend. She loves math puzzles and she always makes you solve one before you can borrow her stuff. Here’s the puzzle: Before you borrow three CDs, she will have 39 CDs. She will have half as many country CDs as rock CDs, and one-fourth as many soundtracks as country CDs. How many of each type of CD does she have after you borrow three rock CDs?

2. After watching hours of those home improvement shows, you decide you want to paint you bedroom. You don’t want to paint all four walls the same color (how boring!), but instead, you want to paint one wall a different color. The electric orange paint you’ve chosen for the "special" wall is more expensive, and you’re on a budget, so you need to know the area of the wall so you can buy the smallest amount of paint possible. You know that the height of the wall is half the length. You also know that the perimeter of the rectangular wall is 48 feet. What is the area of the wall?

A The area of the wall is 128 sq.ft.
BThe area of the wall is 116 sq. ft.
CThe area of the wall is 144 sq. ft.
DThe area of the wall is 140 sq. ft.
E The area of the wall is 416 sq. ft.
F The area of the wall is 136 sq. ft.

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