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2012-11-24 13:41:15

You are Welcome, @infinitebrain

2012-11-24 13:35:03

Thank you Agnishom! big_smile
Sorry, I went back to look at the documents and it said A is correct, which is 16 2/3%! smile

2012-11-24 13:19:58

Probability that the chosen one is a boy =

Probability that the chosen one wears glasses =

Probability that the chosen one is both a boy and wears glasses = (Probability of being a boy) * (Probability of a boy to wear glasses) =

2012-11-24 11:25:19

Six boys and twelve girls are in a senior class.Half the boys and 25% of the girls wear glasses.What is the chosen probability that a student chosen randomly is a boy,wears glasses,or both? I know the answer is 50%, but could someone could explain to me clearly how you get that answer? Thanks!

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