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2012-11-05 15:16:06

Hi Nope;

I think he knows that he was for looking for a method for the ones that do have solutions.

2012-11-05 12:35:57

There are not integer solutions for all n, take for example

, then
and since the biggest values for the 3 fractions are when
then there are no solutions to the problem for n=1

2012-10-31 00:02:17

Hi ReallyConfused;

That is the thing,I want a method that will work for any n.

Those two sites are saying the mathematical method does not yet exist. If it did this would not be an open question. It can be done by computer though.

There are solutions if you can work with positive and negative numbers. You have not told me what constraints there are on the problem.

2012-10-30 23:03:37

That is the thing,I want a method that will work for any n.

2012-10-30 20:33:42

Hi ReallyConfused;

If x>0 and y>0 and z>0 then as far as I know there are only computer solutions. It is an open problem … conjecture

whether there is a solution for all n.

Sometimes it can be solved, for instance when

then a solution is:

2012-10-30 20:24:30

How can I find integer solutions of this,

I know there is a solution for all n,I searched in wikipedia,and I didn't find a suitable solution.could you please explain how to solve.

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