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2012-11-06 18:55:21


I understand. The task is a very big one.

2012-11-06 14:08:33

hi bobbym,

Sure, I understand you now. But since we doing this as a hobby, what you have suggested (the language structure) might not be feasible for us right now...but thanks again!

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2012-11-06 00:21:42


For instance If you need to compute the mean of some data. What type of structure will you hold the data in, a vector, an array, a list?

All CAS' have the capacity for loops because sometimes they are needed.  The TI series of calculators comes with the rudimentary BASIC along with the math commands. I was wondering if you had any plans along those lines.

2012-11-05 19:12:01

Hi bobbym,

What do you mean by language structure?

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2012-11-05 15:33:03


Very nice and thanks for providing it.

Have you thought of what language structure you are going to provide with the math?

2012-11-05 11:23:56

Thanks! and no problem at all, we all enjoy math here haha


2012-11-05 11:20:00

I love it! Good work!

2012-11-05 11:08:08

Hi guys,

to do taylor series, you can try something like poly_x[taylors{exp(x),x,0,5}] to expand

about point
up to the

Please check our instructions page for more detailed usage description of this function....

Thanks to bobbym for this great suggestion! (we have also acknowledged you on our facebook page for this suggestion! tongue)
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2012-11-05 10:09:57

Yes poly_x is not needed, but the reason we did it that way is just to stay consistent with the fact that you should only using variables etc. when dealing with polynomials or graph

2012-11-04 23:32:45

Thabks for the limit functionality! smile

Why is the poly_x command needed when evaluating sums and limits?

2012-11-04 20:55:40


That will be most challenging as was graphics for us. When you finish it though it will strengthen all the other commands.

2012-11-04 20:45:02

Hi bobbym,

Yup! Thanks for this suggestion! We will integrate this in and update you when it is done...

And also for the multiprecision thing, we will try to add that in (the multiprecision is actually the hardest request for us so far tongue)...


2012-11-04 20:36:31


Something nice would be a series command that returned the Taylor or Mclaurins series.

2012-11-04 19:45:02

We added the ability to evaluate a single variable function at a certain value! This can also be used to take limits.

For example, to evaluate

you just use the command poly_x[evalx{(1+1/n)^n,n,infty}]

Thanks to anonimnystefy for the limits suggestion!

We currently have some other suggestions from bobbym and anonimnystefy which we are working to add in (some are actually harder to implement so it will take some time)...

and thanks to all who have tried it and given suggestions! We look forward to more suggestions, since ultimately if you request a feature, we will try to implement it for your benefit smile

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2012-11-03 12:38:18


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