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bob bundy
2012-10-22 02:34:12

hi Ronald,

I like to make pictures that simplfy problems.

If you have the coordinates of the points you can always box in and make triangles and rectangles.

area of polygon = area of box less the bits you have over.  see picture for example.


2012-10-22 01:36:17

Hi Ronald;

You are welcome.

2012-10-22 01:34:25

Wow, that third method is really useful. And you really do only need the side lengths and angles!

2012-10-22 01:33:05

The second link's 3rd method was the one I was looking for ,thank you.

2012-10-22 01:19:18

If you know what the polygon looks like, you can just split it up into triangles and use Heron's formula. If you have the right angles you can then apply things like the sine rule, cosine rule, etc. to find all the sides of the triangles you have split the polygon into.

2012-10-22 00:59:48

No,i have heard that there is a formula for irregular polygon's area too(using side lengths and exterior angles

2012-10-22 00:42:54


See if you can get what you need from here:

2012-10-21 23:44:53

Regular polygon's area can be calculated,other polygon's area can also be calculated using graph coordinates,but i have heard that polygon's area can be calculated using sides and external angles is it true?if it is what is the method?

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